Donal Daly

A technology entrepreneur who founded five successful software companies. Since he founded his first Artificial Intelligence software company in 1986, Donal has been improving human performance through the effective application of smart software. Donal’s companies have served more than a million users over thirty years. He has been working on the Future Planet vision since his last company was sold in 2019. Donal is an author of multiple books including three on Artificial Intelligence and transformation that were Amazon bestsellers.  Donal also founded the Altify Foundation in 2005, a charitable foundation focused largely on human rights and social injustice.

Picture: Michael O’Sullivan /OSM PHOTO

Ingrid De Doncker

Originally from Belgium, Ingrid has been in Ireland since 1996. She is one of Europe’s leading supply chain, procurement and sustainability thinkers and expert practitioner. In her previous company, Ingrid built a leading strategic practice helping customers “Buy Better”; achieve cost savings while building better relationships with suppliers and the planet.  A sought-after speaker, and lecturer in three of Ireland’s universities, Ingrid is passionate about supporting business and supply chain teams to drive sustainable change to positively impact the profit, social and environmental bottom line of the business. Ingrid is also the founder of the Procurement Transformation Institute (PTI), a non-profit organisation that elevates the Procurement Profession.

Picture: Michael O’Sullivan /OSM PHOTO

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